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Wastewater Treatment Facility

Primary Treatment

40-50% of solids are removed by the primary treatment process.

  1. Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from your home or business to the treatment plant.
  2. Bar screens collect trash while letting water pass through.
  3. A grit chamber slows the flow of water in order to catch grit and solids which settle to the bottom.
  4. A primary sedimentation tank catches smaller particles which have settled as well as sludge, scum or floating grease.

Secondary Treatment

85-90% of pollutants are removed during the secondary process.

  1. Air is mixed into the wastewater by an aeration tank. This process speeds the growth of microorganisms which consume organic matter.
  2. A second settlement tank allows clumping of solid waste and microorganisms to settle to the bottom. The solids and microorganisms are then removed.
  3. Chlorine, chemicals or additional filtration as required is used to kill any disease causing organisms before wastewater leaves the plant.



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